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Pastoral Search

As we search for a new leader for our church family, we want to provide information on the position, as well as information about the surrounding areas of Dinuba and the Central Valley. 

Pastoral Candidate Profile

We seek a person of God who believes in the inerrant, infallible Word of God. Sermons should be Bible based and give us insight into living the Christian life in real world and practical means. They should preach from the Old Testament as well as the New Testament, and we have come to appreciate lots of visuals and a sense of humor. We would also like a pastor who has some pulpit experience.


We seek a graduate from an accredited Bible College or Seminary and who doctrinally agrees with the principles of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. They must be, in no particular order, a person of prayer, led by the Holy Spirit, exercise baptism by immersion, preach salvation by faith in Jesus alone, emphasize the need to evangelize, to care for community needs, as well as have a right to life commitment and believe in Biblical standards of marriage. The selected candidate must prepare the church for that day, unknown to mankind, when our Jesus will return and gather his church unto himself.  


Our pastor needs to have a caring heart, to be willing to join with other churches in the area to advance the cause of Christ and to care for people’s needs. We expect home visits and hospital calls. They should be willing to live in Dinuba. Tulare County is majority Hispanic, so while it is not required, pastors with a Hispanic lineage and/or who are bilingual are encouraged to apply.


We seek a team player, who is willing to work alongside and be accountable to the elders. We seek a pastor who is an encourager, who can mentor and relate to both new believers and mature ones. While we expect a pastor who stands strong on Biblical principles, we seek one who is willing to compromise on communication methodology and to build consensus and enthusiasm on how we evangelize our community. 


It is our prayer that the Lord will lead his chosen candidate to us. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

About Dinuba, California

Located in the Central Valley of Central California, Dinuba California is in the middle of the agricul
tural heartland of California. 

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Interested? We'd love to hear form you! Send resume, doctrinal statement, philosophy of ministry, references and sermon links to or mail to Dinuba Christian Church, 355 E Saginaw Ave, Dinuba California 93618.

Closing date for applications is March 31, 2024.

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